Program Advisors

Dr. Michael Lubatkin

Professor Emeritus
Management Department
University of Connecticut
School of Business
A renowned management guru, Dr. Lubatkin will offer advice on overall management and marketing strategy of the entire Northwood program operations in America and India, and will join our groups whenever he can.

Education/Professional Certification:

D.B.A., 1982, University of Tennessee
M.S., 1972, State Univ. College of New York at Geneseo
B.A., 1970, SUNY at Albany

Lubatkin Ranked #1 Internationally in Research Productivity
Lubatkin named Thomas John & Bette Wolff Family Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship, April 2000
Lubatkin is recipient of the 2000 School of Business Research Excellence Award

Marian Andersen

BS - Elementary Education, University of California
MS - Child Psychology, University of Nevada

'Marian saw her parents own, operate and direct several different children's camps while growing up in California, She owned and operated Skylake Ranch Camp, a summer camp in Ahwahnee, CA for 25 years, spent more than 12 years on the Board of Directors for Western Association of Independent Camps and was active in National American Camping Association. Marian has the perfect combination of education and experience and will provide strategic advice on Camp 'n' Explore India and America operations, as well as development of our camp in New Hampshire, she will join our groups on trips to India whenever she can.'

Hoay Smith

Security Consultant

Academic, Firearms and Tactics Instructor
New York City Police Department (NYPD)
NYPD Officer
U.S.Army officer & Vietnam Veteran

Education :
B.S. Behavioral Sciences, New York Institute of Technology

"Mr. Smith began his distinguished law enforcement career becoming one of " New York's Finest" by joining the NYPD after coming back from Vietnam and earning his degree simultaneously. He spent the next 28 years of his career serving as a NYPD officer including a decade as an Academic, Firearms and Tactics Instructor, he was responsible for educating & training NYPD recruits on rules & procedures, re-training current NYPD officers, including NYPD Emergency Service Unit (ESU) officers on all tactical weapons & how to respond to emergency situations from a tactical point of view. Mr. Smith was involved in training Emergency Service Officers who responded to the World Trade Center attacks on September 11,2001.

He will advise The Northwood program on our Safety Management System including Risk Assessment &Management of all our programs in India and America"

Mike Lyon

Graduate of University of Oregon, School of Business
Northeast Territory Sales Manager

" A senior marketing executive for the second largest timber company in the USA by profession, but an avid Outdoorsman at heart, with a passion for enjoying mother nature, loves children with a very strong desire in teaching them leadership and outdoor survival skills. A loving Husband and father of five children. Mike will join the group on Camp 'n' Explore India and America tours whenever he can manage to get away from his hectic work schedule"

His accomplishments include:

  • An avid Outdoorsman, Completed numerous Marathons in New York, Seattle etc.

  • Completed numerous Triathlon Events: Escape from Alcatraz, Club Events,

  • Avid Club Biker, Glastonbury, CT, USA, Back Packing (Appalachian trail)

  • Family camping ( three seasons ) ,Avid Trail Runner

Completed numerous adventure races including: Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and Spartan Beas.

Roger Jerome

A decorated Ex- Marine, who was awarded "The Marine Corps Medal" for bravery during the Vietnam war (Click to read citation) by the President of the United States of America, who loves children, and is passionate about teaching them leadership and outdoor survival skills he learnt during his service in the Marines. When on our trips Roger will teach trip participants the true meaning of the Marine Corp motto's " Lead by example", "Semper Fidelis" and "Never leave anyone behind". The children will love to learn from and spend time with Roger, whenever he can join our group on Camp 'n' Explore India and America.

Honorary Discharge Certificate