Terms and Conditions

Our Responsibility:

The Northwood Program LLC is the sponsor of this group travel program and its employees, officers and affiliates may select and assign independent transport carriers, guest houses, hotels, tour operators, ground operators and other suppliers of required services in order to administer the trip and those service providers are responsible solely for providing their respective services.

The Northwood program LLC does not own or operate any of these independent contractors that will be used during this trip,including,lodging arrangements,airline,any ground transportation, local guide services, catering/food services or entertainment services, excursions etc.Since the providers of all these services are independent contractors, The Northwood Program LLC cannot be held liable for any willful or negligent action or failure to act of any entity, person or any third party.

In addition and without limitation, The Northwood program LLC is NOT responsible for any loss,injury,death,delay,inconvenience or any personal property damage weather a result of, but not limited to, acts of God or acts of war or civil unrest, revolt and insurrection, wild or domestic animals, labor unrest or strikes, sporting events or epidemics, adequacy or availability of health services or evacuation services if needed, criminal or terrorist or threatened terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking of accommodation or downgrading of it, mechanical or failure of airplanes or other transportation means, failure of transportation means to arrive or depart on time, loss, damage or delay in delivery of luggage and personal belongings. Baggage and personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant. I accept the entire risk attendant thereto and voluntarily accept the same as risks of my child/ward's participation in the trip. I agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions attached here including policies and refunds.

The Northwood program LLC will not be responsible for any air carrier's cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of nonrefundable ticket from the participants departure city.

TUITION: All tuition is payable in US Dollars, as exchange rates keep changing, it may be necessary for us to levy a surcharge and we have the right to do so. We will try and do everything to keep the tuition rate as quoted.

WHAT THE TUITION COVERS: All lodging, meals, activities and ground transportation

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: International airfare and related fees, any internal roundtrip airfare (if applicable), costs of obtaining a passport and visa, baggage charges, trip cancellation insurance, any health /travel insurance costs, personal expenses such as laundry, anything else not mentioned specifically as included. Airfares change constantly so booking a trip as early as possible means getting the best airfares. We travel as a group so booking your trip early means taking advantage of your group travel rates if available to us. Airfares to and from India can range from $1000 to $2500 roundtrip.


DEPOSIT: A deposit of $500 is required with all applications and may be paid by check or money order. The deposit is deducted from the final tuition balance.

FINAL PAYMENT : Will be due on the Final payment date we mention to you depending on your trip departure date. Final payment can be paid by check or money order or can be wired to our bank account. Final payments made are not refundable once past the final payment date.

WITHDRAWAL : If a participant withdraws from the trip for any reason on or before the final payment date , we will refund the entire tuition less a $300.00 administrative fee. Any withdrawals made after the final payment date will not receive any refunds.

CANCELLATION: We reserve the right to cancel any application and revoke an acceptance when payment is past due. We will send a written notification to the address provided on the application form.

If a participant leaves a trip in progress, for any reason, will not result in a refund and we will not refund any unused portion of the trip. We may cancel a trip due to lack of enrollment which would make operating the trip not economically feasible or due to potential of risk to safety, health & welfare of the participants. If we cancel a trip in progress you will receive a refund based on number of days not completed on the trip. We will not be responsible for any refund for any expenses with respect to nonrefundable airline tickets.

By signing this agreement I give The Northwood Program permission to use my trip pictures for marketing purposes.

Custody Information: Because of the strict regulations that govern our ability to deliver travel programs and related services, we are required to identify the legal and physical custodial status of the participants and families that are enrolling to travel with us. If you indicate that the participant is not a member of a two parent/guardian (legal) household we will require that you provide us with an explanation and official documentation as to the legal custody of the participant. If the participant is part of a 2 parent/legal guardian household, you must supply contact information for both parents/legal guardians. Failure to provide The Northwood Program LLC with the necessary information/ permission will disrupt the enrollment process.